Coffee or Opium

Plagiarism is forbidden by law, and drugs too (like Opium). But the fact that a coffee brand uses for its commercial the same music than in a perfume brand ad, it could be just a matter of coincidence? Well…I suppose not because it’s not the first time that this coffee brand uses that practice in order to make talk about her and associate its product to the luxury market. I understand it can be difficult to position a coffee brand like l’or d’espresso after the monopole of Nespresso in the market … but copying the music of another ad that it will be in the same TV channels and in the same period than yours…it’s too much! Much more if we think that it’s not the first time that L’or d’espresso does that. Some years ago, the coffee brand uses the same music than a different parfum ad (Jean Paul Gaultier).  We hope that next time, l’or d’espresso won’t copy…just innovated. It’s just a matter of music!! 


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2 thoughts on “Coffee or Opium

  1. ABC says:

    Not plagiarism simply using an existing opera song for one of the ad :

    For the perfume ad they did not create this music they did like the coffee one : bought the rights !

    • mariamarketing says:

      I’m totally agree about the fact that if you buy the rights you can use the music, but, for a perfume brand and a coffee brand at the same time (and twice!) … what a coincidence!
      Anyway, it can be also beneficial for the perfume brand as much as for the coffee brand, because people can remember the perfume ad while they watch the coffee brand just because the music. Maybe they will think “Hey there! I have listened this music in other ad” and provoke viewers to remember the other ad, and thus, to think about the other brand.

      Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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