A hundred lovers

In 2010 Diesel brand made a wonderful digital campaign that in my opinion it’s necessary to always remember. It consists in a video of the song “a hundred lovers” with all the catalog of Diesel for that season (spring/summer 2010) in it. The main attraction of the video was that if the viewer drives his mouse in someone in the video, the video stopped and the viewer could see in the e-catalog the clothes of that person, the name of the person, and even his or her facebook/twitter account. I found that idea genius, not only because it’s internet, but also because it was an entertaining and interacting way to make customers be interested in one brand’s product (at the same that they realized how it looks to wear that t-shirt that they love). If someone has seen recently a campaign like that, share it with us!!

Here you have a video which shows how it works the e-catalog:

And here you still having the link of that famous and not-old-fashion-at-all digital campaign


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