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What goes around comes around

Whatever the industry, corporate campaigns have to be easily identified to the brand/group values and products. Sponsorship activities (sport events, exhibitions, showrooms, etc), ONGs collaboration, or even a whole communication campaign have to convey the brand or group values in some ways. Luxury brands practice this communication approach. For a market so diversified as the luxury market is, brands have to use strong codes declined in web campaigns, social media, videos, or a specific layout in their advertising campaigns that will easily define and represent the brand’s DNA.

The examples below demonstrate that, in a much diversified sector as the luxury market is, brands can successfully convey corporate messages & air campaigns (sometimes indirectly) in order to well demonstrate how different their own brands are vs. other groups with a similar portfolio.

The new “Must” for brands: The films

Almost two years ago Cartier surprised us with a beautiful film called « l’Odysée » that synthesized the DNA of the Brand thanks to a memorable travel, special effects and a mythic panther. With this campaign, Cartier distinguishes from other luxury brands by using a very traditional media support such as TV or Cinema, only used by luxury brands for their accessible luxury products (such as perfumes). Cartier is not the only luxury brand to use film as a communication strategy to accentuate brand’s image in the audience/customer’s spirit: Chanel B&W films directed by Karl Lagerfeld, Dior with Secret Garden in Versailles (the same background than J’adore advertising Campaign or the Dior’s summer fashion shows), or the last one: Guerlain and Shalimar legend, starring Natalia Vodianova. The objective is clear: transform a brand communication campaign into a real luxury-corporate campaign. However, there are some “does & don’ts”: first, identify the brand history or DNA at the first view, and not at a second one ; and second, choose a good media mix -not too much cinema, it can become dangerous for the brand’s opinion as it is happening for Guerlain “Shalimar” film, dangerously crytized by cinema’s audience.

Specific Advertising Layout (Ralph Lauren & Burberry)

What do Ralph Lauren, Burberry or Swarovsky print campaigns have in common? A brand-layout which allows future clients to identify easily the brand and linked all the products to the brand territory & image without effort. For Ralph Lauren, it’s a specific typo and design that make us remember fashion magazines cover pages. Burberry is represented by several young people, the Scottish typical print marks, and sometimes a British rebel style. With these examples, among others, we see that these codes used for all the brand’s product campaigns can become a corporate campaign in itself. Product & image are linked.


Website, Social pages, Instagram : Brands e-DNA and conversation engagement

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have become wonderful tools for brands to communicate about their Brand history and products to all consumers. However, can we consider Social media a channel for corporate communication campaign? In my opinion, yes we can. Corporate campaigns communicate on the brand story and use the same codes for the communication of this brand’s products. Through Facebook Pages, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, fans & potential clients can learn about the history and brand DNA’s with just some clicks and a great content. Social media is a wonderful tool (but not a media) dynamic and interactive that helps brands to reinforce their values and at the same time can engage a conversation with them: the brand will also learn from this audience on their us & habits.This conversation will allow customers to create an invisible link between all the products of this brand: from sunglasses to watches. And this invisible link will reinforce the brand territory of this brand on the people’s mind, and confirms the brand e-DNA consequently.

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La Petite Robe Parfumée

Guerlain is one of the best perfume and cosmetic establishments in the world, and also, it’s the only well-known perfume establishment not connected with the fashion world from its DNA. No designer, no fashion week… just perfume and cosmetics. In the last years, Guerlain has followed its strategy in reinventing and modernizing their perfume products. That’s how “Shalimar. Le Parfum initial” has appeared with an ad with the music of Serge Gainsbourg. Another example is “L’Habit Rouge. L’eau” which has boosted sales of this traditional Guerlain perfume. But the big launch for this perfume house was programmed for 2012 with the new perfume “La Petite Robe Noire”. And this perfume is much more than a single perfume for Guerlain… it’s a real revolution. A black dress is the most classic product in the fashion industry. For Guerlain, to create a new perfume called “La Petite Robe Noire” could be understood as linking a perfume house with the fashion industry without being directly a part of it. But, even if this perfume is named as a fashion product, the bottle is a traditional Guerlain perfume bottle with the same shape as “L’heure bleue” or “Mitsouko”, among others. In the ad, we see the reference to the fashion world and Paris, which can be really helpful for selling this new perfume in the international market. And what is planned for the national market? I have visited several perfume sales departments and the one that I preferred was the stand of Guerlain in the department store “Le Bon Marché”. They have a salesperson who personalizes your perfume bottle with your name written on it. I love it! Now, it’s time to see if the clients will love it as much as I do

Guerlain est l’une des meilleures maisons de parfums et cosmétiques au monde. Mais elle est aussi la seule parmi toutes les marques de parfums les plus vendues au monde qui n’a pas la mode dans son ADN de marque. Il n’y a ni créateur, ni collection… seulement des parfums et des cosmétiques. Ces dernières années, Guerlain a suivi une stratégie focalisée sur la réinvention et la modernisation de ses parfums mythiques. Ainsi, Shalimar s’est réinventé avec “Shalimar. Le Parfum initial” avec une publicité sur une musique de Serge Gainsbourg. Un autre exemple, est “L’Habit Rouge. L’eau” qui a boosté les ventes et la notoriété de ce parfum Guerlain masculin historique. Mais la grande révélation était programmée pour 2012 avec le lancement de « La Petite Robe Noire”. Ce parfum est un peu plus qu’un parfum « normal » pour Guerlain… il est une vraie révolution. Une robe noire est le produit classique par excellence dans l’industrie de la mode. Pour Guerlain, créer un parfum appelé “la petite robe noire” peut être traduit comme une façon pour la marque d’être associée avec le monde de la mode sans en faire partie. Néanmoins, même si le parfum est appelé comme un vêtement, le flacon est du plus pur style Guerlain avec les mêmes formes que les flacons de “L’heure bleue” ou bien encore “Mitsouko”. Dans la publicité, on peut apercevoir des références au monde de la mode et à la ville de Paris, ce qui peut beaucoup favoriser les ventes à l’international. Et que cela donne-t-il sur le marché français ? J’ai visité plusieurs points de ventes pour voir la mise en place du parfum, et celui que j’ai préféré est celui du Bon Marché où il y avait une personne qui gravait le flacon à la demande des client(e)s. Maintenant, reste à savoir si les clients vont adorer le parfum autant que je l’aime.

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